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Asthma & Allergy Treatment in Portsmouth & Suffolk, VA

Also Serving Chesapeake, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach & Surrounding Areas

At Dr. Sweeney and Dr. Palacios-Kibler's Asthma & Allergy Clinic in Portsmouth or Suffolk, Virginia, we provide efficient asthma and allergy treatment. Dr. Sweeney and Dr. Palacios-Kibler has the experience needed to help you live a normal life.

Our Testing Methods Include:

• Skin-Prick Tests
• Patch testing for contact dermatitis
• Urticaria Evaluation and Individualized Treatment Plans 
• Serum IgE tests for Food and Environmental Allergies

• Food Test & Desensitization
• Blood Tests
• Drug Allergy Evaluation, Testing and Challenge

  • Spirometry 

• Skin Intradermal Tests
• Insect Allergy Tests
• Food Allergy Evaluation, Testing & Challenge

• We provide treatments with the latest biologics for Asthma, Eczema and Hives. 


Discover how you can live a normal life by letting us help you treat your asthma with our pulmonary function testing, which tests the function of the lungs. 
By identifying causes and optimizing medication, we find the best combinations to provide relief for day-to-day symptoms while minimizing long-term complications.

For your convenience, we offer allergy testing, provide comprehensive management, and check your progress through follow-ups. You can count on us to keep your asthma under control. We provide treatment with the latest biologics like omalizumab, and anti-IL5 inhibitors like mepolizumab.  



Whether you are suffering from hay fever or sinus disease, ear infections or recurring infections, we help you identify allergies that disrupt your life.

To ensure the best possible treatment, we also offer therapeutic interventions, including medications and desensitization, as well as provide guidance for environmental measures to help you minimize exposures.


Medication & Testing

In addition to asthma and allergy treatment, we offer medication and testing for various other issues and diseases. Let us guide you on how to optimize management of your symptoms, including:

• Hives 
• Anaphylaxis/Food allergy Evaluations and challenge 
• Sinusitis/Chronic Rhinitis 
• Angioedema

• Atopic/contact dermatitis 

Contact us in Portsmouth or Suffolk, Virginia, to schedule an appointment with our asthma and immunology allergy doctors, and find out how you can start living a normal life today.